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Depressing MSN Names

You can use Depressing MSN Names to express yourself when you feel down and depressed, or maybe your not depressed at all, and just want to depress your MSN Messenger contacts! Get the Depressing names for MSN Messenger below.

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Sad MSN Names

Some MSN Messenger names to express yourself if you're feeling sad and depressed. We'll be adding more Sad MSN Names shorlty, also don't forget to submit your Sad MSN Nick Names to our database!

  • My strength is hatred, torment, and pain!
  • There are no tears, No feeling of guilt, Nowhere to channel the anger, Nowhere to leave the pain
  • You can't kill me.. I'm already dead
  • Early morning moments, A glimpse of joy, But it's soon over and I return to dust...
  • The closer we are to the soul, the further we are from perfection. Why settle for honesty when you can breathe a perfect lie?
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