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Animated MSN Emoticons: Animated Emoticons, Emotions & Icons - Free for MSN Messenger 7!
Animated MSN Emoticons: Animated Emoticons, Emotions & Icons - Free for MSN Messenger 7!

Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger!

Users of MSN Messenger 7 can now install Animated Emoticons and use the Icons in conversations!

Here are some Animated MSN Emoticons that automatically install into MSN Messenger 7 and 7.5! Just choose the Animated Emoticons that you wish to install and download the file to install them directly to your MSN Messenger, using animated emoticons and smileys doesnt get any easier than this!

Free Animated MSN Emoticons - Smileys for MSN Messenger

Animated MSN Emotions Pack No. 1

Free Animated MSN Emoticons set for MSN Messenger 7! Click above to add them to MSN Messenger.

Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger

Another MSN Messenger animated emoticons set, click above to install the emoticons.

Download Animated MSN Emoticons - Click Here!

More animated MSN Emoticons in this pack!

One-Eyed Animated Emoticons
MSN Messenger Animated Emoticons Animated Messenger Emoticons MSN 7 Emoticons
This pack contains some great animated emoticons for MSN Messenger 7!
Click Here To Install One-Eyed Emoticons!

Animated MSN Emoticons Animated MSN Messenger Emoticons Animated MSN 7 Emoticons
Animated Emoticons # 1
Cool Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger 7!

Install Now!

Animated MSN Emoticons from Smiley Central

SmileyCentral also provides thousands of animated MSN Smileys for free. It will allow you to use many animated emoticons in MSN Messenger or E-Mails. You can download it by clicking the image below!


About Animated Emoticons In MSN

Although MSN Messenger did feature some animated emoticons previously, they were only the default set of emoticons within MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger 6 provided user's with the ability to add their own custom emoticons and Icons to conversations (limited to 19x19 pixels, no animated icons). With the release of MSN Messenger 7 users can now add animated custom emoticons (specifications: GIF format; 50x50 pixels in size max) and use them in conversations to express emotions, MSN Messenger 6 users however will not be able to view these MSN Emotions.

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