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Animated MSN Emoticons

· Topic: Animated MSN Emoticons
· Total News: 6
· Total Reads: 394298
 MSN Letters - Cool MSN Letter Emoticons added, Free Letter Emotions
 Christmas MSN Messenger Emoticons: Christmas MSN Emotions, MSN Icons and Smileys
 Animated MSN Text Emoticons - Free Animated MSN Words Emotions!
 Animated MSN Emoticons: Free Super MSN 7 Smileys
 New Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger 7 Added
 Free Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger

Google Talk

· Topic: Google Talk
· Total News: 1
· Total Reads: 6458
 Google Talk Instant Messaging service released!


· Topic: Messenger
· Total News: 13
· Total Reads: 363913
 Messenger for Mac 6.0 released - New features, Yahoo Messenger interop
 Encarta MSN Bot changes address - MSN Chat Bots and robots
 MSN Block Checker technique: Block Checking using MSN/Live Spaces
 Messenger server problems causing problems in the last 24-hours
 MSN 8.0 feature highlight: Word Wheel (Nickname Search)
 Search Activity for Windows Live and MSN Messenger
 MSN Messenger e-mail notifications not working
 Troubles with MSN and Windows Messenger - Uninstalling Windows Messenger
 New MSN Profile viewer tool added: View MSN Profiles with ease
 Tony Blair answers questions over MSN Messenger

MSN Add-ons

· Topic: MSN Add-ons
· Total News: 11
· Total Reads: 174063
 Sound Clips add-on for MSN Messenger & Windows Live Messenger
 Font Color Changer for Messenger updated to v1.4 - change MSN text colors
 Font Color Changer released - Change your MSN Messenger Font Color!
 Sound Clips for MSN Messenger updated to v
 Sound Clips for MSN Messenger 7.5 updated to v
 Sound Clips for MSN Messenger 7.5 Volume Problem
 Sound Clips for MSN Messenger 7.5 updated to
 Sound Clips for MSN Messenger 7.5 Updated to 1.2.0
 MSN Names Stealer 1.1 - Copy MSN Nick Names
 MSN Add-on: CE/DP Stealer for MSN Messenger 6 & 7

MSN Display Pictures

· Topic: MSN Display Pictures
· Total News: 7
· Total Reads: 102294
 New Year Display Pictures! 2007 New Years Display Pics and Avatars
 New World Cup 2006 Display Pictures - Free Soccer/Foorball MSN Pics!
 How to retreive MSN Display Pictures from MSN Messenger?
 FAQ: Can I make my own animated MSN Display Picture?
 MSN Display Pictures FAQ added to site
 New Mood MSN Display Pictures - Free MSN Display Pics
 MSN Display Pictures Adder - Auto-Add Display Pictures

MSN Emoticons

· Topic: MSN Emoticons
· Total News: 1
· Total Reads: 23861
 Hidden MSN Messenger Emoticons - Secret Emoticons!

MSN Messenger 7 & MSN 7.5

· Topic: MSN Messenger 7 & MSN 7.5
· Total News: 28
· Total Reads: 747834
 Getting rid of Live Messenger 8.0 and re-installing MSN Messenger 7.5
 Downloading MSN 7.5 - Get MSN Messenger 7.5 download link
 Official MSN Messenger website redesigned
 FAQ: How do I remove the MSN Messenger tabs?
 Fixing sign-in error 80048883 for MSN Messenger 7.5
 Microsoft takes down MSN Messenger 7.5.0322
 Fix MSN Messenger Installer Error 1601 and other 16XX Errors
 MSN Messenger 7.5.0320
 MSN Messenger 7.5.0316 QFE Patch released
 MSN Messenger 7.5.0316 QFE Patch Coming Soon

MSN Names

· Topic: MSN Names
· Total News: 29
· Total Reads: 326200
 MSN Screen Name Trick - Have a blank/invisible MSN Name!
 MSN Name Generators Added: MSN Nickname Generator Tools
 MSN Name Maker Added: Make MSN Nicknames
 Christmas MSN Names: Merry Christmas in different languages!
 Christmas MSN Names, Xmas MSN Screen Names and Nick Names!
 New Nicknames: Funny MSN Names and Girls MSN Names updated!
 MSN Messenger Names back up! MSN Names downtime
 MSN Names Section Navigation Updated - MSN Messenger Names
 Massive MSN Messenger Names Update: Cool MSN Names!
 MSN Names downtime - MSN Nick Names back online

MSN Winks

· Topic: MSN Winks
· Total News: 6
· Total Reads: 85955
 MSN Messenger Winks installer issues
 MSN Messenger 7 & 7.5 Free Winks Program Updated!
 MSN Winks Category Updates
 Uninstalling MSN Winks with the Winks Remover
 Free MSN Winks - Install Funny MSN Messenger Winks
 MSN Winks added - Free MSN Winks for Download


· Topic: News
· Total News: 34
· Total Reads: 423098
 Santa comes to Messenger! Santa chat bot comes to Messenger for Christmas
 New Windows Live account domains available soon!
 MSN Spaces URLs change
 Australian MSN Messenger users exceed 4 Million
 UK Messenger users hit 10 Million
 Finland records Millionth MSN Messenger user
 MSN Block Checker added: Block Checking for MSN Messenger!
 Nokia adds MSN Messenger to handset
 New: Encarta Instant Answers MSN Messenger bot!
 MSN launches new service aimed at mobile users including MSN Messenger

Windows Live / MSN Messenger 8.0

· Topic: Windows Live / MSN Messenger 8.0
· Total News: 42
· Total Reads: 1589300
 Windows Live Messenger 8.1 BETA, Download MSN/Live Messenger 8.1
 Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger interoperability now complete!
 How to add Contacts? Live Messenger contact confusion! Adding MSN/Yahoo contacts
 Windows Live Messenger 8.1 BETA coming shortly - MSN/Live Messenger 8.1
 No sounds on MSN Messenger and Live Messenger after upgrade
 Windows Live Messenger may ship with upcoming Windows Vista
 Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812 out - Bugs & errors fixed
 Installing Windows Live Messenger 8.0 & MSN Messener 7.5 on the same PC
 Download Windows Live Messenger Final - (fka MSN) Messenger 8.0.0787
 Windows Live Messenger Final: coming today!

Yahoo Messenger

· Topic: Yahoo Messenger
· Total News: 0
· Total Reads: 0
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