Emoticons and Smileys

Hello and welcome to our emoticon gallery. Here, we plan to regularly add all types of animated smileys and emoticons. Everything is free to use for everyone and our aim is to make it the world's largest archive of its kind! To get started, just choose a category and browse around.

Emoticons have become very useful in this era of cyber media and social network domination. Free email services, Instant messengers, cell phone Text messaging, mass social networking, web forums, online gaming, etc. all have contributed to a massive shift in the way we communicate with one another. Smileys have been created to add zest to our new methods of interaction; a tool to beat the dry nature of our mainly plain text-based communications.

From simple and primary facial expressions and feelings to the most complicated emotions of human nature, all have been integrated into the vast collections of smiley faces which can be used for any occasions imaginable. In a simple statement, one could claim that emoticons are a representation of human nature and its various aspects of living in general sense.