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EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger 6, 7 and MSN 7.5
EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger 6, 7 and MSN 7.5

EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger

EZ Emoticons 3.0 is an Emoticon Add-on for MSN Messenger versions 6, 7 and MSN 7.5.

It allows you to use all of your MSN Emoticons without remembering their shortcuts! You press the CTRL and Spacebar keys on your keyboard to pop-up a window showing all of the emoticons you have, then you click on any emoticon to insert it in your message!

EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger

The main features of EZ Emoticons are:

  • Easy way to use all your emoticons - supports unlimited emoticons
  • Works with both MSN Messenger 6 and 7, MSN 7.5 included
  • One simple shortcut for displaying the emoticon popup window Easy 'Point and Click' interface for using your emoticons - No need for individual emoticon shortcuts
  • full support for Animated MSN Emoticons
  • Friendly and easy to use

Download EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger

Click the button below to download the newest version of EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger 6 and 7!

Click Here to Downlod EZ Emoticons

Download MSN Smileys and Animated MSN Emoticons

You can get lots of completely free Animated MSN Emoticons, Icons, Emotions and Smileys installed directly into MSN Messenger from the Animated MSN Emoticons and Icons page right here at Messenger Tools!

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