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MSN Font Color Changer - Change your MSN Messenger Font Color!

MSN Font Color Changer

The MSN Font Color Changer is a tool that allows you to change your MSN Messenger chat font color to any color of your choosing!

MSN Font Color Changer

With the Font Color Changer utility you will no longer be limited to the 16 font colors offered by MSN Messenger! The font Color Changer allows you to select any color using a Color Matrix (see the image on the left), giving you a range of 16,777,216 colors to choose from!

You can also enter your own color codes (RGB values) when choosing your new MSN Font Color. The font color changer works with MSN Messenger 7 as well as Windows Live Messenger 8.

Download MSN Color Changer

Font Color Changer Help

Here are some instructions for using the Font Color Changer:

  1. Download and Open the Font Color Changer application from above.
  2. Enter your MSN Messenger email address in the first box.
  3. Choose a new font color using the instructions in the second box.
  4. Click the button in the third box to set your new Messenger font color.

To see your new font color in action, just close all Messenger chat windows and open them again.

MSN Color Changer Feedback

You can send us your feedback, ideas, suggestions and requests for the MSN color changer by using our quick Contact Form.

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