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News > Messenger for Mac 6.0 released - New features, Yahoo Messenger interop
Messenger for Mac 6.0 released - New features, Yahoo Messenger interop
Posted by admin on Thursday, September 28, 2006 (16:28:09) (15146 reads)
Messenger Live Messenger and Messenger for Mac

Microsoft has updated the Mac version of Windows Live Messenger to the brand new version 6.0.

This new version of Messenger for Mac is very much oriented towards personal user (as opposed to the very business oriented features of the previous version). Here are some of the new fetures:

  • Spell Checking of Instant Messages
  • Full support for custom user Animated Emoticons
  • Support for personal messages, including sharing the currently playing song in iTunes
  • Search conversation history using the built-in Spotlight feature

> You can download Messenger 6.0 HERE
> You can download Yahoo Messenger 3.0 BETA (for Mac) HERE

Coinciding with the recent completion of the Yahoo Messenger deal (for interoperability), Yahoo have also updated their Yahoo Messenger for Mac to be able to add Live Messenger contacts.

There is a still a lot of differences between WLM and Messenger for Mac, but v6.0 adds a lot of new features. If this pace continues, Mac users might even start sharing winks with Live Messenger users not long from now.

Thanks to the addition of the personal messages functionality, it looks like Mac users will also be able to make some great use of our screen names!

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