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News > Encarta MSN Bot changes address - MSN Chat Bots and robots
Encarta MSN Bot changes address - MSN Chat Bots and robots
Posted by admin on Friday, August 18, 2006 (03:59:43) (34759 reads)

The Encarta Encyclopedia MSN chat bot has recently changed it's address (screen name) due to the name changes surrounding the company providing the service.

You can now talk to the interactive chat bot by adding it to your contact list using the address encarta@botmetro.net!

For those of you who are not aware, the Encarta chat bot is like a robot version of the Encarta digital encyclopedia which allows you to search for information and facts through MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger chats. You can read the original news post from last year.

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But there's more! The very handy and informative chat bot is now also available in 4 additional languages! Here are the addresses of the language specific bots (note: they do not speak English at all):

  • German: de.encarta@botmetro.net
  • Spanish: es.encarta@botmetro.net
  • French: fr.encarta@botmetro.net
  • Japanese: jp.encarta@botmetro.net

The old address for the chat bot will continue to be online, but you will simply be greeted by a message like:

"My screenname has changed, it's now: encarta@botmetro.net. Let me contact you from there."

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