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MSN Profile Viewer - View profiles of MSN Messenger contacts, MSN Hotmail profiles and more!

MSN Profile Viewer

The online MSN Profile Viewer allows you to easily check out MSN Profiles.

To View an MSN Profile, just enter the .NET Passport email address associated with that account in the text field below and click the View Profile button to open the profile in a new window. For MSN contacts, this email address is the same as the MSN Messenger address.

Enter Profile Email:  

Profile Viewer Results

The profile viewer will display the profile associated with the entered email address, if the person does not have a public profile, you wll be taken to the main MSN Spaces page. Alternatively, if the person has an MSN Spaces Blog associated with their account, you will be taken to their Blog. You may also need to sign-in with your own .NET account to view full profile details.

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