MSN Messenger 7.2 - Can I download MSN 7.2?
Monday, August 15, 2005 (01:19:17)

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There have reports of links to download MSN Messenger 7.2 (beta) being passed around on the internet. The simple answer is: MSN Messenger 7.2 is not in BETA and will never be released as the new version of MSN Messenger will be 7.5, and not MSN 7.2.

Such links offer the MSN 7.2 can be found via spam and rogue websites, which use the link offering a free download of MSN Messenger 7.2 beta to lure an unsuspecting user to download a malicious file.

You can read more about this situation with MSN Messenger 7.2 in our Newest MSN Versions page.

Once again, if you do come across any links offering MSN Messenger 7.2, do not download it or pass it around!

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